DermaCo, a leading British beauty aesthetic company, prides itself on providing the most up to date systems, the best training & salon support and most importantly, unrivalled results.

DermaCo offers a whole range of different products and treatments. Following a thorough consultation with you, our therapist will recommend the most beneficial treatment.



Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion
Deep exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin cells, blemishes, wrinkles and improve any unwanted pigmentation. Leaving your skin looking younger, rejuvenated and refreshed.from £55 - £70
MicrocurrentA non-surgical treatment that will lift and tone to reduce the signs of ageing.from £55 - £70
Ultrasound TherapyTreats the skin with ultrasound waves, to improve the signs of ageing.from £55 - £70
LED Light TherapyTreats acne, increases collagen and elastin production as used on problematic skin.from £55 - £70


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